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Our expert team of truss designers are ready to take your plans and create custom roof & floor trusses to meet your construction projects needs. Our truss design & engineering is backed by Alpine Engineering. Our Alpine connector plates to ensure our trusses are engineered correctly for your job. Alpine makes the industry’s most trusted connector plates, used in millions of structures across the globe. We use wave plates, high strength & super – strength plates. These plates offer the highest performance levels in side‐by‐side comparison tests with all other competitive products.


Since most roofs are unique, so don’t use generic designs for any of our trusses. Each Copperstate Truss roof is customized around your specific needs meeting your style and building standards. We work with you to ensure the final output meets your expectations.


Floor trusses are one of the most important components of your building. Copperstate
Truss are structurally designed for optimal load‐bearing. We take pride in building custom floor trusses
made with high quality materials to support both residential and commercial buildings. Our floor trusses
are designed to accommodate air ducts, plumbing, HVAC components and more.

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